Where do you start?

It would appear that I have the inability to be precise and concise!

Just so you know I have been busy all week filling out forms for court yet again to enforce a contact order granted over a year ago now, but rarely adhered to and since I have been threatened with not being able to see my grandchild until she is 16, well I’m a bit riled up to say the least!

To enforce a contact order you will need form C79 and the fee of £200.00

I was trying to prepare a brief history for the blog but it already stands at 500 + words. more of the beginnings of a book really….mmmm….

my intention is to be a Grandparent activist and this blog will hopefully help other grandparents to actively seek contact through the courts, or mediation or whatever method works for them to maintain contact and the all important bond between Grandparents and their grandchildren.

Understand one thing at the outset it is not easy, we are a marginalized group in this country (U.K.) and from my research around the world too!

I will be posting my thoughts and feelings (as they are not allowed into the judicial process!) some top tips and any useful links to books or websites that I come across.


Always interested in what you have to say........

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