Monday morning Mush!

Today my brain is a bit mushy, having an emotionally draining week last week in actually forcing myself to go back to court!

I spent the weekend doing research! and hours updating my Kindle and downloading a book. I did warn you that I’m not that techno savvy didn’t I? what should have taken minutes took up most of my Saturday????

Anyhow I managed to read the book, finished it this morning……………

GRAND WISHES: Advocating To Preserve The Grandparent Grandchild Bond

Although uplifting and inspiring, Susan Hoffman is American therefore this book was tailored for the american market, it is her account of how she lobbied and campaigned to change the law in Orange County so that Grandparents rights became law, under the fourteenth amendment, as she so eloquently put it in her book:

“balancing parental autonomy with “Grandparent’s Rights” which in reality is the right of a child to continue to have a beloved grandparent in their lives”

” what the state can do is protect children from serious psychological harm resulting from severed relationships that are centrally important to their lives”

Having been on this uncertain treadmill for the last five or more years, Susan’s book has given me hope that we in this country must continue to campaign and petition our politician’s and the judiciary to adopt, adapt or at least look at what our american cousin’s are doing to help preserve the family in the 21st century.


Today I will end with a quote;

What comes from the heart, goes to the heart. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge 


Always interested in what you have to say........

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