As Time marches on……

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but there has been very little to report by way of progress! The justice system grinds on at an exceedingly slow pace!

It can also be manipulated by certain individuals to grind even slower to their advantage!

I know I can be naive, but is that because I have unrealistic expectations? Is this really the case? Or is there really such a thing as a level playing field?

These are just some of the questions and more, that are my constant companions as I continue to have sleepless nights and fogbound days, as the summer rolls on and I know that this will be the second summer in succession that my 8 year old granddaughter will not enjoy contact with the Maternal side of her biological family, relationships that have been with her from birth!

The more distant into the future having the relationship with my granddaughter & her Maternal family restored becomes, the more isolated I feel!

This is not unusual; there are a million other grandparents just like me!  


Now I sound like a neurotic Nanna I know! But unless you have experienced the outpouring of unconditional love that you give and receive from a grandchild, you may not understand unless you too are a loving parent and grandparent.

I cannot stress enough (There’s irony for you!) how important family relationships are, and in particular to a child who has formed attachments.

I know that without the support of my loving family and friends in particular this summer I would be much sadder and far more stressed than I am at present.

But there is always hope!

On the question of continuity the child’s solicitor from the previous court case has been re-engaged, same too of the CAFCASS officer although she works for a different department, she may well make her observations known.

I have again tried to communicate and negotiate openly with my Grandchild’s father and step-mother, but alas to no avail!

So now I sit and wait for the court date in two weeks!

I am also in the  process of setting up a much needed support group for Grandparents, who have little or no contact, in the Manchester area, for more information , advice, support,  or  if you would like to help, email:


Always interested in what you have to say........

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