From Clogs to Blogs!

We’ve never had it so good!

A Word A Day!

Lately I have been complaining and be-moaning that there are not enough hours in the day! In particular not enough hours to devote to my blogs, which I take pleasure in writing. So with that in mind I wanted to join up a few things and prove to you the reader but most of all myself that we really have never had it so good! For instance in this day and age, some things just really flow together, with all this wonderful technology and media we can learn so much from the past, for example Channel 4’s timely appearance of the drama The Mill based on true accounts of Quarry Bank Mill Cheshire England and not so very long ago!0fe4f9c4-6d35-4b4a-b25b-c5dacc43fc5a Click on the link to watch the trailer and recently a wonderful lady- Pamela- sent me this amazing poem which truly evokes the period too!  

©P.M.Jones 14.12.07


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