Grandparents Working Together

If you have been following my blog you will note that I have been a bit hit and miss on the reporting of our story.

There are a number of reasons for this but here is a quick update :

We returned to court in June of this year and we finally came to a working and reasonable for all, contact order with our Grandaughter. ( I have represented myself since 2011)

I have to point out that the CAFCASS officer, Social worker and the child’s Guardian-ad-Litum, were all very helpful and extremely professional and coincidentally all women!

Back to the order, we have a skype visit every month, ( although they have had technological problems, there is always the phone!) we also have an actual visit every 6 weeks this did involve a four hour round trip for us, until recently when my grandaughter and her family returned to Manchester. (hoorah!)

The best news is that we actually had a visit with our now 10 year old granddaughter on her birthday, for the first time in years, it was so special! She has also met her new baby cousin another very historic day!

The pain and heartache of the last five years seems to have melted away and boosted the well of hope that resides within me.

With all that in mind I am determined to help other Grandparents and not just the Non-Contacts – upto a million,  but Grandparent carers of which there are upto 300,000

More established organisations believe that the two groups cannot work together, well I am about to challenge that! (don’t I always?) more info to follow.

I recently came across a wonderful lady doing sterling work in Bristol, her name is Jane of

I wish I had found her sooner, when I really needed someone to talk to who could empathise with our situation, as it happens we had a lovely chat this week.

Yes, an actual person on the end of the phone who does not charge you or ask for a subscription, she works tirelessly to ease her families pain, and the pain of others so that one day her Grandchild will see her work and know that she cared enough to help others.

If you are a Non-Contact Grandparent take a look at her website you will feel better and not alone I promise you.

I will keep you updated, in the meantime follow us on Facebook and Twitter for useful links news and views .


One thought on “Grandparents Working Together

  1. It was good to talk to you and thank you for your very kind words.
    As you know my focus is always the children, children find themselves in the unpleasant world of adult conflict, they are expected to make impossible decisions , for them they still love both their parents and grandparents.
    Jane Jackson


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