Did You Watch #AdoptionParty?

Last Night Channel 4 aired it’s programme Finding Mum and Dad

(Wed 15th Jan. 2014 100:00p.m.) with the hashtag #adoptionparty for Twitter followers not surprisingly it trended on the popular social media site!

It was the second documentary on ‘family life’ to pull at our heartstrings this week!    (BBC’s Panorama aired on Monday 13th Jan.  ‘I want my baby back’) #Iwantmybabyback #bbcpanorama

I will not attempt to compare and contrast the two programmes in a review I will leave that to others. What I will say is now that my heartstrings have been pulled LISTEN UP!

There is something seriously lacking in our system when an MP advises parents to go on the run to protect their family life, because they are suspected of child abuse, when there could possibly be another reason, i.e. a medical mis-diagnosis?

There is something seriously lacking in our system when children are seperated from their families while investigations are made. ( I know that children need to be safeguarded, and I stand up as a grandparent who asked a court to either place the child with me or take her into care rather than let her parents squabble over & in front of her as they mounted attack and counter attack of abusive allegations to gain residency!)

There is something lacking in a system that ignores that plea, and subjects that child to medical examinations, psychology reports, endless interviews with social workers, CAFCASS officers and more, and expects the child to adjust to a new step-mother, half-sister, home and school within the same process!

There is something lacking in a system that seperates siblings because they are ‘hard to place’! try harder or place them with long-term foster carers, with the children’s option to stay until they are 21.

Do I approve of adoption parties? not sure really, it smacked of a cattle market a bit to me, with the foster parents (clearly emotional, but restrained, no wonder she had a migraine the night before) as farmers peddling their wares, (my apologies to you both for that analogy, you really are heroes!) but by definition that is trying harder? Surely in this age of technology there is a better way???

I do not seek to denegrate the astonishingly good work of the hard pushed, over worked social workers and foster carers, or even the CAFCASS officers and medical profession or even the overpaid legal profession and members of parliament, which make up the system.

I ask you to put back in, what you may have lost, so that you can make those descisions  generate better outcomes for future generations ~HEART!

I speak as a 51 year old adoptee!






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