I Have A Voice!

I HAVE A VOICE! It may not be the beautiful shrill of the mocking bird! But I have a voice!

My voice may not have the eloquent words of Emily Dickenson, Maya Angelou, Helen Keller or even Esther Rantzen, nor the wit of Charles dickens and the glorious Paul O’Grady, not to mention the dulcet tones of Terry Wogan or the ever sexy Barry White, but I have a voice!

After eleven years of anguish I am now reassured that my granddaughter will have one too!

Yesterday will go down as a triumph, but today will go down as a victory! A victory for Justice, yes, but not without collateral damage too.

Yesterday SM…C. sent me a txt with GD…K’s mobile phone number, wow, my granddaughter now has her own phone! Her own direct line to Nana G and her family!

Being ever mindful and respectful of K’s SM…C and BF…B I consulted them as to what rules they had imposed, dutifully notified and agreed, we proceeded with our direct electronic contact, and I knew that this time it was going to be different, more than any other contact, somehow strangely it would be more natural, and it was.

We texted and sent recorded messages over an hour and a half period of time, it was natural and wonderful and it made me so happy!

Maybe it was the unscheduled surprise of it all, but no, today I was reminded what a truly unique step forward it was when my daughter : my granddaughter’s aunt, having been forwarded the number (with permissions) and having spent an equally exciting time electronically, commented after I said – it was amazing,

“I know, well done Mum it’s all down to you xxx”

That comment then, was the victory.

Not for my part in the proceedings, but that now my granddaughter would, after that vital independent connection, forever know her family!

I of course replied to my daughter “Shush! Or I’ll cry!”

Grandparents have a huge responsibility as the elders in the family, to keep things moving forward and the lines of communication open!


Abbreviations – SM…C = Step-Mother, BF…B = Biological Father, GD…K = Granddaughter,

Nana G = Me.


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