Calling all Parents & Grandparents: Let your Fingers Do The Marching!

Grandparents update. Friday 7th March 2014  

It has been a busy few weeks here at Grandparents headquarters, first there was the tea & cake event that brought folk from far and wide, we appreciate your coming and are looking forward to seeing you again later on this month, with the date and venue yet to be confirmed, keep your eyes peeled for that!

There has been a significant rise in emails received and if we haven’t replied yet, we soon will, guaranteed, within 48 hours.

I took a week’s annual leave from my paid employment this week and I can’t believe its Friday already and I didn’t manage to get away, unless you count 24hrs in Wales last weekend (lovely), ah- well! It’s all in a good cause!

I have been making some great connections across the North West and received some fantastic support here and further afield too, it really makes a difference when people reach out to each other and organisations work together in partnership.Which is the ethos of grandparent support really, we are not just for us but for the family and the community as a whole!

Which brings me to the significant rise in following from alienated parents both male and female, I know we hear more about alienated fathers, particularly yesterday as Tim Haries lost his appeal, and I do feel for him but we have to remember what we are doing here, we are parents and grandparents and we have to set an example, breaking the law however strongly we feel will not cut it!

(Daubing  Queenie’s portrait with paint is not good! After all she is this country’s great- grandmother, which is perhaps why you did it!)

Sorry Tim but do what your founder Matt O’Connor and many suffragette women have done, chain yourself to some railings, MARCH! Write letters, campaign, sign petitions, and speak out! We live in the time of the social media revolution let your fingers do the Marching! But please do not break the law!

We all have the right to protest, you only have to look at London today and see the legal profession marching against further cuts in legal aid, although personally after spending a small fortune on barristers myself I never did understand why it cost between £300- £500 pounds for an appearance, and I managed to wrap things up by becoming a litigant in person albeit after the much needed groundwork was done! ( ..And because we were broke by then!)

So to the point, I received an email this week as I am sure many others who contacted Esther Rantzen at the BBC’s The One Show did, in it is a questionnaire that she and her team would like all alienated parents and grandparents to complete, if you want to make a difference then fill it out, Email me and I will send it to you but be quick as it has to be in for Monday 10th March 2014.




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