‘Reasons To Stay Alive – Matt Haig’ (my thoughts in response)

A new book by Matt Haig – we all should read, & what a wandering heart thinks of it!

The Wandering Hearts Club

For those of you who don’t know, ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ is a book written by Matt Haig. For those of you with depression and/ or anxiety, ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ is a beautiful articulation of life itself; of the battles one’s mind faces daily. And for that very reason, for me, ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ was a thoughtful gift from a wonderful friend that was worth much beyond it’s £9.99 value, hardback.

I read the first three pages with no intention of carrying on at that particular moment (as I had other things I should have been doing). Two hours later, book finished, I found myself laid back on the sofa, gazing up at the ceiling as if I had the clearest view of the night stars (it was a plain white ceiling with the closest resemblance of a star being the odd needed touch up, in day light) in…

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