Running out of love

Tomorrow my daughter Grace will be running for Grandparent Support in the Great Manchester Run –


I am immensely proud of her for doing so- this is not an easy run for her- its 10 k for a start! Although she looks like a super model, (I am a biased mother after all) – it will be punishing on her body- she has a tall willowy figure that holds a lung capacity typically associated with Marfan Syndrome.

Grace had a spontaneous pneumothorax (sudden lung collapse) when she was younger, but she is determined to keep fit and healthy and to strengthen all parts of her body.

Grace believes in Grandparent Support and continues to be an enormous supporter, graciously giving of her time both physically and emotionally having witnessed the complex issues that alienated grandparents and grandparent carers face.

2014-05-18 12.33.04                      Grace (left) & her friend Francesca at the start of last years Great Manchester Run

Please support Grace and Grandparent Support so we can raise awareness and help others.

Grandparents never run out of love, they just keep going no matter what!  Thank you & Good luck Gracie xx